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             Our Story

Established in 2015, WRCI started as a small commercial consulting business, providing ad-hoc quantity surveying services to various clients in the infrastructure sector.  The experience working for different clients highlighted two key things.  The first was that the fundamentals are the same wherever you go.  The second was that many small and medium sized businesses in the sector were in need of some commercial support.  The only support available, however, came in the form of expensive quantity surveyors and cost consultants.  This lack of choice exposed a gap in the market that we aim to fill.

WRCI provide a choice by offering two distinct services.  We offer a one-of-a-kind membership service that provides guidance on the commercial fundamentals in the construction sector.  This is delivered via content provided in one place, at a reasonable price, and updated monthly.  In addition, we provide a bespoke service for training and assistance surrounding the more complex stuff - i.e implementing new systems and specific contract support and dispute resolution services.

 Who would benefit from the membership service

  • Small and medium sized companies in the construction, engineering and infrastructure sectors (from tradesman to fully fledged construction firms) looking to improve commercial awareness and for guidance, tools and templates on how to put this commercial acumen to good use;

  • Small and medium sized companies in the construction, engineering and infrastructure sectors looking to gain an understanding of construction and contract law fundamentals;

  • Junior construction commercial professionals or those considering entering the industry.

Who would benefit from the bespoke service

Small and medium sized companies that require:​

  • Assistance introducing and implementing new commercial systems;

  • Guidance applying commercial tools to their projects and businesses;

  • Contract review services and dispute resolution advice.



The Members Area is updated with basic commercial templates on a monthly basis.  This includes a range of commercial tools that can help SME construction businesses run efficiently.  Examples include cashflow forecasts, variation templates, tender submission letters etc. 


Bespoke templates can also be provided to suit your business or project needs.  Please drop us an email at info@wrcinfrastructure.co.uk to enquire.

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The Members Area is updated with guidance documents on a monthly basis.  These are no nonsense, bite-size documents that provide information around the commercial fundamentals.  These include guidance in various areas which can assist construction businesses of any size, including:​

  • Cost control and management;

  • Contract law and management;

  • Pricing;

  • Risk;

  • Data management.

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Projects and businesses operate better with systems.  Systems which make sure that projects are run properly by ensuring:

  • The contract is adhered to;

  • Costs and margins are known;

  • Change control is managed;

  • Staff know what they are doing and what they are accountable for;

  • Waste and double handling is minimised;

  • Records are kept and maintained.

WRCI can introduce and refine systems which suit your project or businesses.

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WRCI can offer a package where follow-up training is provided to staff to ensure that systems are working and being utilised effectively.